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Hey! I am Abdus Samad.
I am a web developer & digital marketer. I have been working in the SEO sector & web developing sector for almost five years. I will share all the case studies from my life on this site. I also worked with some companies. I will share with you how I or they benefited. If you read my articles regularly, you will benefit one way or another.
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Take Your Business To The Next Level
A website is of immense importance to growing your business everywhere, be it online or offline. If you have a website, then you can handle customers very easily. Taking a website from start to finish takes a lot of work. From publishing regular posts to doing SEO. Which is a matter of time and patience.
All your efforts and money will go down the drain if you can’t do SEO by uploading posts properly. So, if you want to do these things yourself, then you must take advice from an experienced person and then do it. 

You can take advice from me if necessary. No payment is required. But if you want to do all the work of your business with me without consulting, you can definitely hire me for a certain salary. I hope I can give you something good.

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What I Do for My Clients:

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Work Experience:

Below are all my work experience
Keyword Research

Keyword research is very important. The more perfect the keyword research, the easier it will rank in Google. I can easily say that I am very experienced in this work.

Keyword Research
On Page SEO

Onpage SEO is what we do inside the website to get it ranked in Google. The better the on-page SEO, the higher the chances of getting ranked. I enjoy doing this work.

On Page SEO​
Off Page SEO
Offpage SEO is what we do outside the website to rank in Google. such as backlinks. Enjoy doing it too. But on-page is a little less than SEO.
Off Page SEO​
Local SEO
By listening to local SEO, you can understand that it is done by targeting a specific city. Service types are very useful for businesses. I’m pretty good at that too.
Local SEO​
Global SEO
Global SEO is what we do to rank our site worldwide. This work is done by large and mid-size traders. I have done this with most clients.
Global SEO​
Technical SEO

Technical SEO means solving all the problems that the website has. If technical SEO is not fixed, it is not possible to rank on Google.

Technical SEO​

My Portfolio

I have had the privilege of working with many companies. But not all can be shared. Also, the client doesn’t like it. Below is a list of some companies.

What My Clients Says

Dear Abdus Samad, Every time I worked with you. I never had to ask you for anything extra. I only told you to do this work, and you laid out all the plans and gave them to me. I have checked everything and then asked you to act accordingly. I really like it. Good luck to you.

John Doe
I have always taken service from you at a low cost. Since my business is small, it was not possible for me to invest much. But I got more benefits than my budget allowed. Do you remember the one time I had a lot of problems with my site and you solved them? Even if you work on SEO. The website is not your job. Still, you solved it, and I will never forget it. Go far.

Bro, what else can I say about you? Whatever I say will be less. But I can say that one day you will be the best SEO expert in Bangladesh. Your confidence and friendly demeanour really impress me. I ask you so many questions; don’t get upset at all. Answer with a smile that will help brighten your future. You are invited to America.

Jack Daniel

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