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Hello, I am Abdus Samad. I was born in Bangladesh, a poor and small third-world country. I am a digital marketer. Since my childhood, I have wanted to build my career in digital marketing. My desire was not that small. I tried, but I failed again and again. I will be broken, but not bruised. Thought is action. I ran my first affiliate website on the internet in 2017. From website design to content writing and SEO, I did everything myself. After spending hard work and money on that site for almost a year, I got zero results. Because I could not proceed properly. The second step has begun. I started a new site for Coffee Nice in mid-2018. And I didn’t have to look back. After 2–3 months of starting the site, regular visitors started coming to it. After 1 year, the number of visitors reached 50.000 monthly. I could regularly generate a good triple-digit affiliate income from that site. I sold that site in 2021. Then we start providing service. I have been working for various clients since 2020. But since 2021, I have been providing digital marketing services to regular clients. I have had the privilege of working with many local and international companies. I gained new experience working with them. SEO has a beginning but no end. As long as there is SEO in the world, there will be many new things in SEO, and we need to learn and apply them.
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