White label seo packages

Best White Label SEO Packages-2023

Hey everyone. Welcome to my personal website. In this post, I will try to discuss white label SEO packages.

According to experts, There are three types of SEO; according to many, there are two types. According to many, there are five types. Everyone is right.

Today we will talk about two types of SEO.

First: black hat SEO

Second: white hat SEO

What is black hat SEO?

Google always wants its users to get the right information if they search on Google by typing something. And Google has many rules for every website owner to use the correct information. If you own a website and publish content on it that doesn’t follow Google’s rules, it will never rank. Google has made rules thinking about the user so that the user gets the right information. Anything done to rank your website on Google without following Google’s rules is called black hat SEO.

There are many types of black-hat SEO. For example, stealing content from other websites and publishing it on your site and repeatedly using a keyword in the content without reason Making thousands of backlinks in a day is called black hat SEO. If you do black hat SEO, you can rank in Google for a maximum of 1-2 months. If Google understands that, it will rank your website. Then the organic traffic on that site will collapse.

What is white hat SEO?

What we do according to Google’s rules is called white hat SEO. And Google likes it very much. White label SEO packages for whom? There are big companies as well as small companies that want to survive in the market, and they should adopt white label SEO packages.

Where do you get white label SEO packages?

White label seo packages

I am offering you white label SEO packages. Below is what my white label SEO packages will include:

1: Keyword research

I can research 150 keywords monthly. Among them, 70–80 keywords must rank on Google.

2: Onpage SEO

If it’s a blogging site, I can make one post every day, and if it’s an e-commerce site, I can do SEO for three products.

3: Technical SEO.

It has no fixed limit. Technical problems will be solved whenever I see them. Because if it is not solved, the post will not rank.

4: backlink

I can make 10 free backlinks every day. But if you pay for a backlink, then the site from which you get the backlink will have to pay as per the demand. And you have to provide content. If you provide content, I will do so on the page containing that content only. It’s better to say I will only work with SEO. Content writing is not my job.

5: Weekly report

I will give you a report every week on what I worked hard for the whole week. I hope you got an idea of what white label SEO packages are. If you want to do your company’s white hat SEO with me, you can immediately send me a message on WhatsApp.

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