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Hire Dubai SEO expert For your Business-2023

hello everyone, What if you are introduced to a Dubai SEO expert? How about getting all your business advice from that expert?

In this article, we will try to introduce you to a Dubai SEO expert. 

First, let us summarise: 

What is SEO? 


SEO is complete search engine optimization.

When we search by typing a keyword in Google, many websites come up on the first page. Many people in the world publish content on their websites with a topic or keyword. But have you ever wondered why those who are on the fast page of so many websites are on the fast page? 

What did they do that made them rank on the first page?

Everything you need to do to get to the fast page is called SEO. 

SEO is of two types: 

1: Global SEO

2: Local SEO

I will try to discuss global SEO and local SEO in detail another day. 

Who is Dubai SEO expert? 

abdus samad. dubai seo expert

No one really knows what a Dubai SEO expert is. But if you are looking for an SEO expert in Dubai, then you can contact me. Although I am Bangladeshi, I currently live in Dubai. Feel free to hit me up with any suggestions or SEO for your website. 

    What services will you get from me? 

    1/ Keyword research 

    2/ On-page SEO 

    3/ Off-page SEO

    4/ Technical SEO

    5/ Speed Optimization 

    Let’s know more about my service. 

    What is keyword research? 

    By keyword research, we mean a specific topic. Let’s say you have a website. You sell mobile phones. Mobile phone websites usually sell many types of mobiles. 

    For example, iPhone, Samsung, Redmi, etc. mobiles are sold. The task of keyword research is to find those keywords for mobile that can be easily ranked in Google. 

    What is On-Page SEO? 

    Generally, the information we provide inside our website in accordance with Google’s rules to rank in Google is called on-page SEO.

    For example, what will be the title of the post? What will the meta description of the post look like? What will the post image look like? How about interlinks, external links, etc. in the post. They are called on-page SEO.

    On-page SEO is also very important to rank a particular page or post. 

    What is off-page SEO? 

    Doing work for our website on a website other than ours is also called off-page SEO. We will post links to any of our content on our topical websites. If the owner of that website likes it and links from his site to our site, it is called a backlink. This work is also called off-page SEO. It helps to rank in Google.

    What is technical SEO?

    Google has many rules. For example, a website cannot have any pages that visitors do not find when they click on them.

    A keyword cannot be used more than once on a website. No page on our website may be linked to a page on a website that does not contain content. 

    There are many types of rules that Google dislikes. If the technical SEO is fixed, the chances of getting ranked are very high.

    What is speed optimization? 

    Speed optimization increases the speed of the website. A website is very beautiful. There is a lot of information on that website, but the speed of the website is very slow. Then, if a visitor enters that site, he will feel bored to browse. And Google doesn’t like to annoy visitors. Google never ranks a site with low speed. So the importance of speed optimization is immense for getting ranked on Google.


    I want to say that if you are looking for a Dubai SEO expert for all of the above, then feel free to contact me.

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